hOrO mO X
ཧོར་ མོ་ ཀ་ས་

Quantum AIproof art, semi-gen GIF ceremonies, non-poetry and OArt Code

Intro by Unit London Gallery
(Ecology in the Age of Machines, 2023)

hOrO mO X's work explores eastern contemplative philosophies, quantum randomness and contemporary digital technologies. His early semi-generative computational works are based upon the generation of abstract images and texts through neural networks trained on quantum-level random numbers gathered from natural phenomena, such as radioactive decay and thunderstorms' atmospheric noise.

In 2004, he developed the concept of AIproof art, employing true randomness to reject patterns which could be reproduced by machine learning algorithms. This concept later evolved into the OArt paradigm which aims to conceive digital, physical and mind-bound AIproof defence devices.

His current work based on the OArt tenets takes the form of animated self-destructing GIFs with figurative elements, conceptual minimalist digital objects and short poems. His work has been exhibited internationally, including at Proof of Talk, NFT Paris, France Quantum Conference, Viva Technology and NFT.NYC.

hOrO mO X shines a light on narratives surrounding artificial intelligence, creating works which incorporate intricate and delicate patterns which cannot be recreated by AI.

In Vacio Vista Volver, the natural world is posited not as fixed, but as tied to the quantum realm. Recreating the quantum observer principle, this work will produce a unique experience for each viewer. Here the interplay between nature and technology unfolds, characterised by their mutual unknowability and occasional hesitancy towards each other's functions, yielding productive and mesmerising outcomes.