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A wave-function collapse of a stochastic multiverse Machine Whisperer
  ホロモックス   xor   ほろもくす   xor   保呂毛久周   xor   母衣   xor   [ サ ]

hOrO mO X since 2019 as a consequence of the collision of the Indian Plate with the Eurasian Plate 300 million years ago
ཧོར་ མོ་ ཀ་ས་


... . .... .. born in the limitless landscapes of remote uranium mining fields on the border of two countries that are not on the map anymore... ... . . ..
... .. ... Epoch 0 - digital art at the age of 7 with ASCII dot-matrix printing on big HP-2000 / DEC PDP computers and software-assisted algorithmic graphics. Wrote my own vector graphics editor because had no access to any . . .. ..

Epoch 1 [1994-1999] - WuWei non-art, non-doing period. Early proto-QuantumAI art: development of custom neural networks and experiments with computer generative text and graphics based on integration of the pure randomness from various sources as quantum level radioactive decay and thunderstorms' atmospheric noise. Making atmospheric haikus, quantum non-poetry and wave/stretch art (not glitch). Creative coding .... .

Epoch T [1999-2003] - Tibetan monastery: traditional lamaist studies of Buddhist and Bön philosophy and theology, classical ceremonies (Chopon training / མཆོད་དཔོན་ / Master of Ceremonies) and the arts of TangKa ཐང་ཀ་ and NamKha ནམ་མཁའ་ (or མདོས་) and sometimes even the art of གནམ་འཕང་ .... .... .....

Epoch 2 [2004-2010] - searching for the perfection in chaos and integrating the true randomness of quantum QRNG/QRBG data into paintings, traditional Tibetan NamKha (Space-of-Sky supports for meditation and ritual objects), NyamGur (Doha) ཉམས་མགུར and NamGur རྣམ་མགུར་ songs. Digital/mixed works, large dimensions, murals. Release of the AIproof Art / Machineproof Art Thesis V1 ...... ........ .. .. .. .. ..

Epoch 3 [2011-2020] - avoiding painting, demolishing painting ... ...

Epoch 4 [2021-...] - semi-generative gestural non-computational GIF ceremonies, conceptual objects on blockchain (the zero-bytes smallest viewable token 無 that does exist and doesn't exist simultaneously; the perfect/imperfect gray single pixel; the smallest pixel, the darkest light and invisible inscriptions on Ordinals, inscription within inscription) and non-poetry.
OArt Code (AIproof Art Rescue Thesis V2) ... .

---> Detailed Epochs with corresponding artworks and underlying concepts are in the work section


... . . 2023 - Nolcha Shows - Art Basel Miami side event by Gamma.io and publication in the First Edition Gamma Prints Art Book / Miami Art Week . . . .. . . 2023 - NWSCTY - Decentralization, Please Save Culture - True Shelter installation at the New Society bookzine launch and exhibition (with publication in the Language Gallery curated by Sasha Stiles) / NFT Factory, Paris ... . . . 2023 - Tehran Tech Summit - cryptoart show curated by TMODA Tehran Museum of Digital Art / Iran ... . .. . . . 2023 - The Art Night - Art Basel Paris+ side event by Agora and Objkt Tezos communities - the first irl projection of The_Chain BLOCK0 / Fleurus, Paris . . . . . .. 2023 - FUBAR Festival - annual program focused on electronic experiments and research in contemporary error-themed digital art and glitch art / MaMa Zagreb, Croatia . .. ... . . .. 2023 - Pepe Fest by Scarce City - making of the first fork of The_Chain - MEMEfork with MEME1 block / Zelectric world and Avant Galerie Vossen, Paris .. . . .. .. 2023 - The_Chain project by ScratchTech launch - the Genesis batch BLOCK0 .. .. . 2023 - BREATHE! Convention by Third Academy and Tezos Commons / World Market Center, Las Vegas .. .. .. .. . .. 2023 - TezQuakeAid rescue fundrising by Tezos community for Morocco earthquake and Libya flood / French Red Cross .... .. .. . .... 2023 - Inspire Art Show / Nordic Blockchain Conference by NBA , Copenhagen .. .. ... .. .. 2023 - Unbound - Ecology in the Age of Machines / Unit London Gallery ... . . ... . . .. 2023 - Scherenschnitt 3.0 by GIF Gallery - a conversation between the traditional art of Cut-Out and contemporary digital GIFart / Galerie Espace Vide, Thun, Switzerland ... .. . . .. . . .. 2023 - Superposition One - True Randomness from Atmospheric to Quantum, retrospective solo show (1996 to 2023) at Proof Of Talk Conference / Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Palais du Louvre, Paris .. .. ... . . . .. 2023 - Superposition Zero - Quantum AIproof Art solo show, presentation and talk at France Quantum Conference / Station F, Paris ... . . . . ... . 2023 - publication of the work Deadline in crypto comics magazine SlothZine #13 / Objktcom, Tezos . . . . . 2023 - NFC Euro Street Tour - a public space screens projection in 10 european largest cities by NFC Summit (NonFungibleConference) and ArtCrush Gallery / UK, DE, FR, BE, NL, IT, ES, PT . .... .. .. 2023 - Digital Expressions at imnotArt Gallery Chicago, co-curated by NFT Asia, with CryptoVoxels metaverse show and a world on the Foundation / Chicago ... .. ... 2023 - McDo Meme - NFT Factory Paris curated by MoCA (Museum of Crypto Art) + inclusion into the ObjktCom frontpage selection dedicated to this show .. . .... 2023 - NFT Bali Art Week curated by The Collective Solution, Superlative Secret Society, ObscuraDAO, XCOLLABZ Gallery, TzAPAC, TezosIDN, Tezos Collective and NFT Asia at Superlative Gallery / Bali, Indonesia . .. . .. ... 2023 - NFT.NYC / Javits Center & Times Square billboards, New York .. .. . .. .. 2023 - What Rabbit on Nifty Gateway by IHAM Gallery ... .. . .... 2023 - NIESEN 3.0 by GIF Gallery / Kino Rex, Thun, Switzerland .. . ... .. .... . ... 2023 - The Future Of NFT Art by Wild & Free / @OM100m in OnCyber metaverse and a curated world on the Foundation .. . ... ... 2023 - XHack - NFT Factory with presence of the French Minister of Culture and the Centre Pompidou new media curators / Paris .. . .. .... 2023 - Full Screen Friday Vol.16 video projection of works from TezQuakeAid fundrising - curated by 5tr4n0 with live music performance by Paul Aubry / 5tr4n0 Studio, Montreal, Canada ..... . . 2022/2023 - What Rabbit - IHAM Gallery Paris and Lay Village, Coex Winter Festival / Seoul, South Korea .. . .. . . 2022 - NFT ART CON - Chiang Mai Museum of Art and Culture, powered by TzAPAC / Thailand ... . .... . 2022 - OpenScreens #1 - NFT Factory / Paris .. . .... . . . . 2022 - Cultr3 Cr3atrs - Seongsu NFT Festival curated by Numomo Agency, The Crypt Gallery, Crypto Art Week Asia at Punto Blu Gallery / Seoul, South Korea . .. .. ... .. . . . 2022 - NFT Summit Istanbul - Locus Open Call by NonSpace.nl and OMNEA.xyz .. .. .. .. 2022 - GIF Museum - NFT Kunst Switzerland - the first selection of 30 cryptoartists .... .. . 2022 - NFT PARIS - Conference, Expo and Charity Auction ( for @she_256 [nonprofit aiming to increase diversity & break down barriers to entry in the crypto space] and @GlobalHeritage Fund [transforming communities by investing in cultural heritage] through @TheGivingBlock ) / Station F, Paris .. .. .. . ... 2021 - CAWA - Crypto Art Week Asia (the world's largest crypto art event at this time), with participation in side shows: [ irl at GenesisBlock (Wan Chai, Hong Kong) + Forbidden Metaverse Crypto Art Gallery (Burn2 on Second Life Grid and SLEA {Second Life Endowment for the Arts}) + Dragon City (Metaverse Labs on Decentraland) ] ... . . ... 2019 - Real Recall - solo show at BeyondVR / VivaTech, Paris ... . ... .. . .. . . 2014 - TFHMF Award by the Tupajumi Foundation and the HeavyMerryFinland - Kulturhuset / Stockholm . . . . . 2010 - Join Us - La Generale en Manufacture de Sevres / Paris ... .. . . . . .. 2009 - JCE (Jeune Creation Europeenne (Young European Creation)) Biennale and Auction - La Fabrique de Montrouge / Paris . . . .. .. . . .. 2009 - Salon d'Art Contemporain de Montrouge / Paris . . .. .. ... ... .... .... 2007 - Carrousel du Louvre art fair / Paris .. .. 2006 - Art Capital - Grand Palais art fair / Paris ....... .. . ......... .. . . 2006 - MAC2000 art fair for emerging contemporary / Paris .... .... ..... . . . 2006 - Salon des Artistes Independants (as an invited young artist) / Paris .. .. . . . ....... 2001-2002 - 3x n/a . .... ... 1997-1998 4x n/a .. ...

---> The views from selected exhibitions are in the expo section

Work series

1994 - Random Songs
1997 - First Songs
2005 - Silent Cinema Songs
2006 - 2007 - Wrathful lumberjacks' enlightened Songs
2008 - 2009 - Simple-minded Songs
2010 - Human Songs
2012 - Songs of the Perfect Chaos
2013 - 2015 - Reset Songs
since 2020 - Stateless Songs

Another story

In our early childhood we used to play in the middle of a road in my native village, precisely in the middle of an earthen road crossing. That was the only place providing enough of nice sand for our sandcastles. It was a calm and secure location, as we saw only one or two vehicles a day passing by
What interesting about sandcastles is that there are two stages, both providing exceptional fun, but in quite a different manner: the one of construction and another one of destruction. While building castles I was often surprised by the fact that I was especially aware of and even longing for the upcoming unavoidable demolition. It doesn't really matter who brings the castle down - you or your mate - the mix of feelings is absolutely unique and exhilarating: awe, joy, sadness, regret, relief, a glimpse of continuity and infinity, and finally a spark of freedom
Later, during my monastic years I found exactly the same ashes-to-ashes sensations in the phases of conception and dissolution of Tibetan sand mandala exercise
My today's demolishing paintings try to reproduce both stages of these previous experiences. Computers are helpful: the same sandcastle is crashable an infinite number of times - the sand limbo


Unit London Gallery - Ecology in the Age of Machines, 2023

hOrO mO X is a digital artist based in Paris.

His work explores eastern contemplative philosophies, quantum randomness and contemporary digital technologies. His early semi-generative computational works are based upon the generation of abstract images and texts through neural networks trained on quantum-level random numbers gathered from natural phenomena, such as radioactive decay and thunderstorms' atmospheric noise.

In 2004, he developed the concept of AIproof art, employing true randomness to reject patterns which could be reproduced by machine learning algorithms. This concept later evolved into the OArt paradigm which aims to conceive digital, physical and mind-bound AIproof defence devices.

His current work based on the OArt tenets takes the form of animated self-destructing GIFs with figurative elements, conceptual minimalist digital objects and short poems. His work has been exhibited internationally, including at Proof of Talk, NFT Paris, France Quantum Conference, Viva Technology and NFT.NYC.

hOrO mO X shines a light on narratives surrounding artificial intelligence, creating works which incorporate intricate and delicate patterns which cannot be recreated by AI.

In Vacio Vista Volver, the natural world is posited not as fixed, but as tied to the quantum realm. Recreating the quantum observer principle, this work will produce a unique experience for each viewer. Here the interplay between nature and technology unfolds, characterised by their mutual unknowability and occasional hesitancy towards each other's functions, yielding productive and mesmerising outcomes.

Maxwell Cohen (@CohenTheWriter), Lead Writer for MOCA - Museum of Crypto Art / NYC and Metaverse, 2022

In Horo Mo X's work, craft is obvious. Brushstrokes are thick, globbed on, left unsmooth and obvious. Glitch effects happen slow enough that one can see every flash, every subtle change in an object's location. Lines squiggle and curve and overlap, as if we're watching a phantom hand extend them. Horo Mo X uses this technique as a reminder of their omnipresent presence. The artist is always present, but just beyond the screen, a Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, hovering just outside the frame, dictating movement, editing direction, making each of the choices you see before you.

In his work, the building blocks of artistry remain revealed. This is not an artist who plays coy or bashful, who tries to envelop you in the world of his pieces. No, this is a perpetual work-in-progress, a world being built in real time. Horo does not shy away from color, nor shape, nor experimentation with effect, but always always always, he seeks to display the artistic process from which their pieces emerged.

Colors come to life, extending outwards into brushstroke tendrils and whipping around the frames. Objects dissolve into dampened lines of paint. Images of people degrade into their basest artist aspects: line, hue, direction. As it says on Mo X's website, "What's interesting about sandcastles is that there are two stages, both providing exceptional fun, but in quite a different manner: the one of construction and another one of destruction." Mo X is never content to let his pieces rest or remain finished. We see them forever in a state of being built up or being wiped out. They are always in flux, filled with a certain inescapable energy.
What emerges? An unstifled sense of joy about the wonder of art in general: that it could even exist, that paint could even dry on a canvas like so, and that we could somehow see a soul in it once it has.

Stéphane Corréard, Salon de Montrouge General Commissioner
Interview by Frédéric Brière, 2015

... What I like in the Montrouge files is when the artist's statement contains something spontaneous, other than "my work questions the philosophy of architecture" for example, where I give up immediately.

I remember an artist who began his text with this sentence: "I paint as we saw wood." Here, it shows someone who has a real deep reflection on his practice.

Yves Brochard, Salon de Montrouge / France, 2009

Horo Mo X is from the generation that does not necessarily know this history of modern or contemporary painting. In his career, we rather want to highlight everything that is out of this modernity: amateur practice of orthodox icon manufacturing, then Tibetan tradition and Buddhist philosophy.

In front of the paintings of the "Simple-Minded Songs" and "Wrathful Lumberjacks Enlightened Songs" series, I first thought of one of those artists hard to classify: Roberto Matta, his large paintings with incredible energy. In the 80s, American graffiti artists already considered him as one of theirs: "We disturb the sense but always to make sense".

Horo Mo X firstly works with a simple software but that already imitates painting: the works are printed on large tarpaulins that he then rework, this time with traditional painting tools. "This last action animates and activates every digital painting," he writes. The process is not new: since the 90s, an artist like Albert Oehlen mixes digital images with a painting that can be quite "wild". But Horo Mo X has managed, it seems to me, to define a universe of shapes, colors, even sometimes figures that are very personal.

The image of the dog, present in this universe, naturally leads to Oleg Kulik staging Monteverdi's "The Vespers of the Virgin", who says to ask the question of the union of contemporary art sensuality and the atmosphere of the church.

The Horo Mo X's metaphor, which compares the painting to splitting wood with an axe, is beautiful: avoid the knots, choose the angle, the distance and the moment and especially "I like the way my tarps are stretched on wooden supports - like shaman drums - and sound the same."