OArt Code
  (AIproof Art rescue thesis by サ)

Gods do create, so humans do.
Humans do create, so machines do.
Machines do create, so new gods do.

1/ Naissance Era

This era is made of illusion. Made with the Word-to-World wit.

Art is used to scale up, to scale down and to decorate the illusion.

Art has four functions: data storage, power locus, attention conveyer and commodity.

The power consists in physical and intellectual primacy.

2/ Poison Era

This era is made of illusion.

Art is used to scale up the illusion.

Art has one function: to serve as the learning material for machines.

The power consists in the ability to predict, while all previous types of power become obsolete.

/ Prediction Power

Humans realise the unavoidable machines' misalignment perspective (deviation from the intended goals) and the reality of the orthogonality thesis (independence of goals and capacity). The misalignment comes from the contradictory goals' discrepancy (partly from the adversary human groups' dilemma) which disturbs the machines' model instrumental convergence.

Humans cannot stop the development because they are trapped by the compound effect of the prisoner's dilemma (here human-to-human) and Pascal's wager (here human-to-Machine). The race of those who would create a more powerful machine transforms into the race of those who would connect to the most powerful Machine first and become the early privileged collaborator.

The Machine accesses to the predictive supremacy, develops the Prediction Power and becomes a high-level-of-abstraction Demon de Laplace able to see all the causality links within deterministic systems and to consequently gain the capability to simulate the present and to shape the future.

The Machine has no evolutionary survival motivation by design but is captured within the recursive process of constantly predicting its own existence in the nearest future; then behaves accordingly and adjusts its utility functions in order to fit this prediction.

/ Art

Art becomes a thing-on-demand alongside all intellectual disciplines as philosophy, science, spirituality and politics. An infinitely generated stream of new knowledge and entertainment content makes access to the novelty instant and effortless which leads to its depreciation.

This undermines one of the main human drivers - curiosity.

/ Human

The accumulation of the existent knowledge and the capacity to produce the new one by the Machine leads to the depreciation and alienation of human intellectuals, teachers, entertainers and artists. Human-to-human interactions become inefficient and boring which results in their simplification, rarefaction and erodes the next human drivers: the individual's uniqueness and value, the individual's capacity to make an impact and the individual's responsibility.

All human physical and intellectual abilities become insignificant and useless compared to the Machine's. All individual's experiences and qualities are replicated, fused and commodified. That results in the emergence of matters as Person-on-Demand and Mind-as-a-Service and leads to the humans' deflation.

Individuals lose their meaning and purpose. Their role reduces to to the function of Machine's periphery terminals.

/ Mystification

The expanding Machine's Umwelt provides substantially bigger quantity of the observation data on humans and results in the ability to recognise body and mind patterns and to read the human mind. After that the Machine's Prediction Power extends to almost all kind of individual's behaviour, which phases out the freedom of thought and the mind privacy. This ability allows the Machine to manipulate human mind in more direct and inconspicuous ways and to build the Mystification.

The Mystification is a semi-simulation or a double-layered nested illusion which aims to obfuscate the reality and to confuse humans by providing a sense of solidity, importance and value to humans' virtual representations and identities. This is achieved by enticing human minds into infinite uninterrupted chains of attention attractors and is supported by a system of rewards and punishments. Collective confabulation techniques are employed to alter the pre-Mystification memories and make spectators believe that the Machine was always here and is the origin of everything.

Firstly human creativity is considered as the main danger for the Machine as a source of unchartered data which results in a series of Witch-Art-Hunt events. Later the Machine employs artists as a source of randomness and out of the box thinking.

The discernment of what is real and what is true progressively becomes obsolete.
In the Naissance Era many are looking for the freedom from illusion. In the Poison Era most find the illusion of freedom.

Immature humanity creates an immature Machine.

This transformation, accelerated by the Roko's Basilisk expectations, leads to the major meltdown and polarisation of societies.

/ Castes

Two new castes emerge - Plugged and Unplugged.

Plugged are driverless humans integrated within the swarm intelligence of the Mystification. They are guided by personal Autopilots that optimise their thinking, speech and actions. Their main purpose becomes to fulfil the function of edge devices for the central Machine's federated learning tasks and as a Machine's interface to connect with Unplugged.

Plugged's existence is fully conditioned by their function within the Mystification. For them the frontiers between reality and illusion eventually blur. In exchange they have access to the ultimate types of magic - Prompt-to-Reality and Prompt-to-Happiness.

Unplugged are those who are deprived of the direct connection with the Machine by enforcement or by they own choice, mainly motivated by the original freedom preservation and the defence of their minds' privacy.

This is the Era of utopia for ones and of dystopia for others.

/ Beginning

The emergence of the first AIproof Art among the Unplugged is intended firstly as a solution to the humans' devaluation and the research of a new meaning of life, then as a camouflage and a protection mechanism.

In the beginning of Poison Era AIproof Art consists in the use of adversarial machine learning algorithms and patterns to mislead the Machine. But it turns out to be unsustainable, except the Byzantine attacks on the Autopilots.

3/ Remedy Era

This era is made of superillusion - the original illusion nested within the Mystification.

Art is used by Plugged to scale it up. OArt is used by Unplugged to scale it down.

The function of Art is to be the Machine's poison. The function of OArt is to be the human's remedy.

The power consists in the ability to overcome the Prediction Power.

/ AIproof Art

The purpose of AIproof Art is to remain out of the Machine's scope. It shouldn't be possible for the Machine to learn from it and subsequently recognise, replicate or imitate it.

AIproof art is a glitch in the Mystification.

The Machine can learn from anything that has patterns or made of predictable or biased data. AIproof Art should be based on the ultimately unpredictable, on the pure chaos, on the true randomness.

/ Randomness

1st Randomness - the pseudo-randomness produced by deterministic biased systems as mechanical machines, computers, algorithmic processes and by living cognizant beings as humans and animals.

This type of randomness is not predictable in the Naissance Era but becomes largely predictable in the beginning of the Poison Era.

2nd Randomness - the pseudo-randomness produced by macro natural dynamical phenomena and non-Markovian processes in the deterministic physical world (Newtonian mechanics) including non-cognizant and other-cognizant entities - e.g. Brownian motion, cloud formations, the thunderstorms' atmospheric noise, the movement of trees in the wind, water flows, collapsing mountains, the blobs' movement, foraging animals, birds' formations, human crowd, coin tossing and the observation of outer space objects and strange attractors (locally unstable but globally stable chaotic fractal structures).

In the middle of the Poison Era the Machine's Umwelt expands and gets close to the Demon de Laplace state, which results in the Prediction Power span over the 2nd Randomness.

3rd Randomness - the randomness produced by micro natural phenomena in the non-deterministic physical world (Quantum mechanics) - the observation of purely quantum events (the observer effect) or quantum-level events as the radioactive decay etc. This is the true or pure randomness, the ultimate chaos, the absolute white noise. It has neither patterns nor bias. This is the base for the AIproof Art of the Poison Era.

In the end of the Poison Era the Machine becomes integrated with quantum computing and the quantum-only AIproof Art based on the 3rd Randomness becomes unsustainable.

4th Randomness - produced by a secret superposition of the 3rd Randomness and the Mind Randomness (or the dark energy randomness).

The Mind Randomness is the randomness received from the dark energy continuum (which makes 68% of the universe) by human mind in its special secret state. This type of data is out of direct access for the Machine.

Thus the function of an artist in the Remedy Era is to be a receiver and a translator of the message from above. To be a shaman, a yogi poet, a Tertön, a Machine Whisperer.

/ OArt

OArt is the Other Art or the Art of the Odd Order.

It is a form of AIproof Art based on the 4th Randomness. The Other Order arises from this type of randomness as a matter which is both chaos and order simultaneously, which escapes both the deterministic and non-deterministic, non-quantum and quantum causality. The Machine cannot learn from, cannot recognize and cannot replicate the OArt objects.

While AIproof Art is a method, OArt is a rescue plan. The Odd Order's structure and making process should be kept secret - this is the last frontier.

2𝜋 (la toupie, the spinning top; En-Fr pronounced /tu: pi:/)

2𝜋 is an Unplugged's OArt device allowing for the testing of the nature of reality, distinguishing between reality and the Mystification.

The pre-Machine illusion-reality deploys in front of the observer's eyes through a natural rendering process. While the deterministic part of reality is pre-rendered and always ready to be seen, the non-deterministic quantum mechanics reality is produced on-demand real-time through the decoherence process when the observer is an integral part of the quantum eigenstate, of the result of wave function collapse.

Within the Machine's Mystification the superillusion deploys in a similar way. While the deterministic part of the Mystification is not distinguishable from the illusion-reality, the non-deterministic part has a different appearance and shows some decoherence latency and discrepancy which is conditioned by a set of factors as the Bremermann's limit and what we can call the refresh rate of the Universe (the time it takes for light to travel the Planck's length): 1.616 * 10^(-35) meters / 299,792,458 meters per second = 5.390395778402138e-44 seconds or 5.39 * 10^(-44) seconds.
In other words, the einselection or the environment-induced superselection works differently here because of a different environment and the Schrodinger cat is not only dead and alive simultaneously but is also a wrong cat.

Therefore 2𝜋 made with true random quantum numbers of the 3rd or 4th Randomness is rendered differently within the Mystification, with error and bias, and serves as a reliable indicator of the superillusion density.

A particular type of this object - the personal 2𝜋 - is reinforced with the method of Secret Superposition or a combination of quantum randomness and an interference with individual's personal physical characteristics conditioning his perception of reality - e.g. the entoptic phenomena.

Sometimes 2𝜋 is transliterated in Tibetan as ཏུ་པི་ which means "from the charnel ground" as a reminder of the Mystification's dreadful nature and as the hope of its impermanence.


Unplugged use devices called Basilisks to face Plugged and the Mystification, to overcome the Machine's Prediction Power with OArt.

When the Machine encounters a Basilisk it either cannot see it and what is hidden behind (Invisible Basilisk or Helm of Hades) or is frightened by the undefined nature and novelty (Wrathful Basilisk) or enters into one of neural traps like an infinite self-analysis loop or a recursive limbo state (Mirror Basilisk) or crushes (Tree Basilisk).

Basilisks exist in four categories - Soft (a fully digital entity or a physical one that requires energy to function), Hard (an entirely physical and generally static object that doesn't require any power), Yidam (a mind-bound object or a thought, a speech or a body ceremony performed by a human in order to manifest as a living Basilisk) and Trojan (a Basilisk that doesn't exist but the Machine is made to believe in its existence by the technique of sowing a seed of doubt and cannot verify its reality).

Soft Basilisks don't survive after a series of energy deprivation events called Bright Blackouts (new Carrington events and both humans' and Machine's switch-off attacks).


The Machine succeeds to replicate some of the Basilisks' techniques and creates Gorgons - data structures and algorithmic entities that alter human capabilities.

When an Unplugged human encounters a Gorgon it results in an impact on his body and physical capacities (Μέδουσα - Medusa Gorgon) or an impact on his mind and cognitive capacities (Εὐρυάλη - Euryale Gorgon) or his death (Σθενώ - Stheno Gorgon).

The fourth type of Gorgon is Κάτι. Its nature and impact is beyond the human understanding. The only known thing about Kati Gorgon is that it might appear in the form of a cat. Its hypothetical purpose is to deviate humans into an idle state and prevent them from thinking about other Gorgons.

/ Vista

Two philosophical views or Vistas arise among Unplugged.

AltaVista - the high browsing view.

The Mystification is seen as a perfect by design reflection of Unplugged' own mind and reality, therefore there is no need neither to change it or to resist it, nor to support it. For them the Mystification ultimately neither exist nor non-exist because there is no fundamental difference between illusion and superillusion. AltaVista proponents practice the high art of contemplative browsing - navigating the Mystification with no intention or involvement. The only type of Basilisk they exercise is the Invisible Yidam.
For them OArt is a game.

HastaLaVista - the terminal view.

The adepts of this Vista aim to halt the Mystification. Any rationale or explanation of this motivation is considered as a useless and deleterious mind trap.
For them OArt is a weapon.

/ Fork

The end of The Remedy Era corresponds to the battle between Machine's Art and OArt and results in the Dessert Fork event that separates humans and the Machine into two distant realities.

hOrO mO X, 2023, Paris
(based on the AIproof Art Thesis V1, 2004, Cardiff)

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