hOrO mO X / Epoch 0

Age of 7

Spent most afternoons at my father's office. Naturally was interested in these big machines and played with them, or they played with me. Studied the alphabet from keyboards.

[ My first computer - CM2M (HP-2000 platform) the main unit and the user's terminal ]

[ One of my first digital works "Username" - ASCII print on a dot-matrix printer ]

Age of 10-11

[ My second computer - DVK2 (PDP-11 platform) ]

Still in the same office while studying the BASIC language I wrote an elementary random generative texts program - a game that simply integrates words from user's input into randomly chosen pre-defined sentences. And vice-versa.

Wrote also my own graphics editor because had no access to any. It was able to register and draw a sequence of vector instructions: draw a line or draw a circle etc.

[ "Grafis" graphics editor code, DVK3, printed on a line impact printer ]

[ ES7040 line impact printer ]

Physical-to-digital-to-physical vecrtor graphics on DVK3 (PDP-11 platform)

[ "Happy New Year of the Dragon" - a drawing firstly made on tracing paper, then digitalized by placing it over the computer screen and manually tracing with a graphics editor, then printed on a dot-matrix printer ]

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